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The Four-Poster Bed

Build this classic, Early-American style bed in any size -- from twin to King -- to suit your needs.

Using a portable drill, create 3/4" deep counterbores for the heads of your 3/8" x 6" assembly bolts in the bottoms (flat sections) of the Posts (F). Be sure these counterbores are a large enough diameter to accommodate the flat washers under the heads of your 6" long assembly bolts. Then, dry assemble the Head and Foot Rails (B) to the Posts (F). Use long bar or pipe clamps to hold the rails in position while you bore 3/8" diameter holes all the way through the four Posts (F) and the tenons in each end of the two Rails (B). (See Fig. 7)

2: Disassemble these components and use your Horizontal Boring set-up with a 3/8" diameter bit to bore 4-3/8" deep holes into the ends of the Side Rails (C). For proper positioning, see Figures 3 and 7. These four holes should break through one side of the mortises you created in the Side Rails (C) in step 8 under “Headboard and Frame” at the beginning of this article. During assembly, your bolts will go through the four Posts (F) and into the ends of the Side Rails (C). The mating nuts will be positioned within the mortises and when the bolts are tightened, the Rails (C) will be drawn tightly into the Posts (F).

3: Glue the Side Rail Cleats (D) to the inside bottom of the Side Rails (C). For extra strength, add six 1-1/2" long #8 roundhead wood screws, spaced evenly along the length of each Cleat. (See Fig. 7)

4: Glue the Headboard (A) and Head Rail (B) to the Headboard Posts (F & G).

5: Glue the Blanket Rail (H & I) and the Foot Rail (B) to the Footboard Posts (F), (See Fig. 7)

6: Finish to suit your decor.

7: Attach the Side Rails (C) to the Headboard and Footboard assemblies with the 6" bolts and nuts. Drop the slats into the notches you formed in the Side Rail Cleats (D). (See Fig. 7) Cover the bolt heads with decorative hardware.


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