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The Four-Poster Bed

Build this classic, Early-American style bed in any size -- from twin to King -- to suit your needs.

Cut out and square the ten sections of turning stock that will be used for the Posts (F & G) and the Blanket Rail (H & I), according to the list of materials.

2: Locate the centers of the ends on all ten sections of turning stock. Using a straightedge, draw lines from corner-to-corner to find the exact centers.

3: Using pieces of fairly heavy cardboard stock, create the patterns for the Posts (F & G) and Blanket Rail (H & I), by following the pattern drawings, provided. If you're going to use Outside Calipers to control your cuts, you'll need to create the entire profile for each turning, as shown on the patterns. However, if you're planning to use the Shopsmith Lathe Duplicator to be sure all components match perfectly, you need only create half of each pattern. Then, you'll transfer that pattern to a piece of 1/8" to 1/4" thick hardboard to use as a template that you'll follow when turning your pieces. See your Duplicator Owner's Manual for valuable pattern-making tips. NOTE: Again, if you're making a double, Queen or King-sized Bed, the lengths of your Blanket Rail pieces (H & I) will have to be modified to fit the wider Bed Frame.

4: Turn the upper and lower sections of the Posts (F & G). IMPORTANT: Be sure not to turn the balls on the top section down so small that your workpiece will snap off during turning. You can finish these balls a little later. Finish sand each section while its still mounted on the lathe.

5: Turn both sections of your Blanket Rail (H & I) (See Fig. 6). Finish sand each section while it's still mounted in the lathe.

6: To finish the balls on the tops of the Posts (G), cut off the waste stock. Round over the balls using a double-cut wood file, then sand them smooth.

7: Set up your MARK V for Horizontal Boring and drill the 1" diameter x 1-1/2" deep holes in the bottom sections of your Posts (F). These holes will accept the 1" diameter "tenons" you turned on the upper sections of the Posts. Tilt your MARK V Worktable to 45-degrees and use your Rip Fence to form a V-block for holding the Posts while you drill these holes. Bore a 1" diameter x 2-3/8" deep hole in the end of one of your Blanket Rail Spindle halves (See Fig. 6).

8: Assemble and glue all Post (F & G) and Blanket Rail (H & I) sections together and set aside to dry for 24 hours.

9: Label all Posts (HBR, HBL, FBL, FBR) to be sure you position the mortises in the proper locations during step 10, to follow.

10: Use a 7/8" Brad Point Bit or a Hollow Chisel Mortising set-up with a 1/2" Bit & Chisel set to create the Headboard and Foot Rail Post (F & G) mortises described here: a: 3-3/4" high x 7/8" wide x 9/16" deep mortises for the Side Rails (C) b: 3-3/4" high x 7/8" wide x 2-5/16" deep mortises for the Head & Foot Rails (B) c: 2" high x 3/4" wide mortises to the centerline of the Posts (F & G) for the Headboard (A)

11: Drill 1-1/8" diameter x 1" deep holes in the two Foot Rail Posts (F). These will accept the outer ends of the Blanket Rail

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